Silver Services is an online free and easy to use Networking Resource which is dedicated to connecting unparalleled top talent service staff to unique global VIP staffing opportunities.

Silver Services specializes in helping exceptional employees find positions as: Interior Yacht Crew, Private Chefs , Estate Managers, Personal Assistants, Butlers, Housekeepers, Nannies, Lifestyle Management, Childcare and Education, Jet Crew; in addition to Staffing For 5 Star Hotels and the Special Event Industry .

All Silver Services amazing job opportunities are posted by World-Class Contributors known for their expertise towards their given industry into the world of working with affluent individuals; and Companies that demand” The Very Best For The Very Best”.

In addition Silver Services can help to make you trip+job even more exceptional with Superior Destination Concierge Resources +Reviews. Silver Services invites Businesses and Readers to Contribute to our Treasures of ‘Silver Services Gems’ and connect with other Fellow Professionals using our open Forum on all that is useful and wonderful in this world.

Silver Services will help you find, and then contribute towards your success with up to the minute Destination Concierge Service + Resource information helping to achieving your goals in this fantastic industry. In a world of luxury lifestyle services we are at you service @ Silver Services.

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